Wedmore U 15 v Street 22nd June

Come on Wedmore! on the morning of Sunday 22nd June, history went down for the Wedmore Junior u15's. Things went well right from the start after winning the toss, we went out to field first, little did we know what was to follow, after the first over creating pressure from Sam Mason, up stepped the young Callum Scott, after a 'loosener' he took the first wicket, a brilliant delivery none the less but the catch was simply super from first slip and skipper Billy Halford. taking it high above his head at speed. There followed another great over from Sam Mason creating great pressure at the crease, which was helped by Wills brilliant efforts at silly point. Callum Scott took another wicket this time with a faster delivery which caught the batsmen playing across his line and catching him out lbw, HOWZAAAT!! after Callum's brilliant spell of spin, Will took the pads off and had a bowl himself with a great first over. Billy Halford started his spell creating pressure from the first ball, with the batsmen taking a 'swing and a miss' traditionally we appealed even though there was absolute no chance of being out never the less we appealed with everything we had. And then the bowler who cant bowl came on, Lukey boy, with a few balls down the leg side, came the luckiest ball you'll ever see after hitting the batsmen its only gone and hit the stumps, next over he's played one on the off peg and its gone flying in the air and under it was debutant Sam Mason with a safe catch, Next batsmen in was 'Mr Angry Batsmen'. here is where it starting getting spicy. after Finley Wilkinson unfortunately let 4 leg byes through which he couldn't stop thanks to a shocking ball from Sam Mason. the batsmen turned round and given a bit of stick to our Keeper & slips, i'm not going to speak of what was said because of the nature of the language which we do not repeat here at such a professional, family club like Wedmore CC. naturally slip and wicket keeper gave a bit of stick back in attempt of friendly 'Banter'. With other Street batsmen coming in and out this created pressure for 'Mr Angry Batsmen'. After getting the better of us with a big six. and being dropped from me (Luke Hawthorne) from my own ball, luckily i managed to get a run out on the same ball. our efforts weren't enough to get him out. There followed a brilliant stumping from Finley Wilkinson which was simply outstanding from the bigman, Mr angry batsmen was getting frustrated. Mr William Macca ended his spell with a spot of of spin, after a lucky single, angry batsmen was on strike when he received a doughnut delivery on the off peg which probably didn't turn but lets say it did, he dragged it onto his own stumps with an inside edge. The batsmen turned on his own stumps taking a violent kick at them which was a pathetic attempt. Naturally we celebrated and in the heat of the moment he turned on Finley and threatened to 'nut' him in the head. being the bigger men we escorted him off the pitch. then the wickets started to fall, with a total of just 84 we had bowled them all out, yeah i know Wedmore bowled a whole team out!!!

After a short drinks and Snacks break, the openers padded up, and set off to the middle. Needing just over 4 an over, we started well with 6 off the first two overs with some good running between the wickets, there's not much i can say really other than, Will and Sam went 'ham' with a bang of the Cluuuuuub. after many a fours came a huuuuuuuuge 6 a club sandwich indeed. After just 9 overs out in the middle the total of 89 was hit without a wicket lost. What a great performance from the lads from the moore, was it the heat or was it that we are just beast? we will not know. i would like to thank pip for putting up with our constant appealing, which on the occasion works, although he does sometimes not give a wicket which may be, but never the less we digress. I would like to thank King Cav for another solid performance in the field. On a day which will without a doubt go down in the history books as Wedmore u15's left street with a victory, thank you to anyone who helped out. thank you to all the batting and bowling coached who help us mastermind the victory. and thank you to the sporting scientists who help us prepare for big performances like this, i would like to end this here and finally COME ON WEDMOREEEEEEEE!!!