Meeting Minutes from 22nd March 2013

Wedmore Cricket Club
Meeting Clubhouse 22nd March 2013

Lloyd Patch (1st Team Captain)
Chaz Maguire (Chairman)

1. Pitch Work
• Artificial – is going to be unplayable this year unless repaired – both ends have huge holes in with vegetation growing through. This is to be sorted as a matter of urgency as will affect youth teams and the option to use if the main wicket is too wet.
Action – get quote for repair/replace – Rich Roper
• Scarifier - The club need to source a motorised scarifier asap. In the short term one will need to be borrowed. Weedkiller needs to be purchased to target larger weeds.
Action – Lloyd to contact bowls club/purchase weedkiller
• Seeding – the wicket is very patchy around the bowlers ends – grass seed needs to be sewn asap
Action – Chaz to contact Andy Cook
• Loam – half a dozen bags of loam to be collected from Rob Banwells (when weather improves the rest of the loam will need to be moved to the rec)
Action – Chaz
• Grass at sides of artificial track and training net to be removed.

2. Nets and site Screens
• Site Screens – need to be painted and new timber to be sourced to hold up screen.
Action– Lloyd to purchase white paint and contact Boleys re timber
• Nets – new net for training to be priced up. Track for training needs to be jet washed
Action Lloyd

3. Scoreboard and scorebooks
2 new number replacements required for scoreboard. Price to be found Scorebooks to be purchased
Action – Chaz to obtain prices.
4. Balls
Balls for season to be obtained
Action – James McQ – these are obtained through the league
5. Fixture Cards
Action – Chaz to chase PC on printing up.
6. Registration Form
Action – Chaz to put a form together, contact details, preferred means of communication, any health issues, subs.
7. Availability Form
Action – Lloyd to put a form together and go through with Chris M
8. Presentation Evening at Clubhouse
Action – Chaz to put out email
9. Social Drink on 5th April
Chaz to contact Dave Haining and an email to be put out
10. Pitch Rota
Action - to be put together after Lloyd and Chris have gone through their proposed squads

Weekend Work required on the pitch to cover
Scarify pitch
Cut pitch
Roll Pitch
Paint and repair Site Screens
Clear grass from sides of artificial and training net
Jet wash training net
Ensure we have paint, diesel, grass seed, loam, scarifier, timber, jet washer in advance of working party – 2 weekends suggested are 6th and 13th April.