Wedmore U15 V Taunton St Andrews 6th July

Wedmore went to visit Taunton st. Andrews on Sunday 6 July. Team 'Tosser' Luke Hawthorne went out to win the toss with intentions to bowl, and of course i won the toss, thats still 100% record. Naturally we all bowled spin. After a few overs of Macca and Callum Scott creating plenty pressure, batsmen weren't able to club it any where but into the hands of the trusty Wedmore fielders, except Henry who didn't do anything at all. On came the skipper Billy Halford with a traditional leg break, which sometimes spins. the openers had their eye in and were going at a steady rate. with 50 odd runs off the first 5 or 6 overs, us Wedmore fielders could smell wickets. Billy Halford didn't fail to deliver with a fantastic over getting a caught and bowled, bowled and a plum lbw, which Pip was reluctant to give because they must of paid Pip more than we pay him which isn't a lot. Billy finished his spell with the figures of 3-7 with 3 overs bowled, its what comes naturally at Wedmore, he went beyond the call of duty. What can I say about the next bowler, this mystery spinner Alfred Lavender, there isn't a delivery which is the same, mixes it up every ball, and somehow gets wickets. although today his efforts weren't enough if you ask the capacity crowd they were all amazed how he didn't send the bales to wales and into the little big planet. Half way through our innings our Wicket Keeper un padded and handed the duties to Billy Halford. Finley (wicket keeper) came onto bowl, his 'googly' as he claims to bowl, after a few great overs Finley got the batsmen swinging their bats around like in grand theft auto. Taunton set a big target of 190, doable especially for Wedmore, this was just batting practise, the 9 men of wedmore set back to the pavillon to get their pads on. Captain Billy Halford and William Macarthur were to open.

Will hit the first ball away for a quick single, a partnership which was to be full of risky running between the wickets. They were going at a rate of 7/8 an over before Billy got out with a score of 21. Hitting a few great shots and a few cheeky fours a great knock which was brought to an end in a scrappy fashion, batsmen came in and came out, however the chronicles of macarthur were cluuuuubing the ball left, right and centre, a great knock and quickly moved onto 50. another one from him following a 39* last game. And in came big man alfred lavender. Before the game Rob Lavender made a bet with his son that if he hit five runs Rob would buy him the rest of his tennis racket he wants. With the first ball being a swing and a miss things looked promising for Rob not having to spend any money. Followed a single from alfie (the slowest runner ever) rob was still fairly comfortable with his bet, confident of a dreadful batting performance from him. and out of nowhere the bowler bowled a full toss towards alfie whoie absolutely cluubed it, straight out of the middle of the bat, it went for a massive four. naturally alfie took a bow, and gave the bowler the death stare, after hitting an extra 4 runs his wicket was taken from him as he missed it. as the wedmore were short of players, will was allowed back in and went on to hit a 62*

The Moore lost by a fair few runs but the passion still run through the ranks at Wedmore. Bring on the Derby vs Chapwick, come on the mooooore! WEDMORE!!!!

Match Report from Lukey Hawthorne