Cricket Minutes March 2014

Minutes of the Committee Meeting 28th March 2014
New Inn Wedmore

Present – Chaz Maguire, Bob Burgess, Pip Patch, Lloyd Patch, Jon Gamlin, Dave H ( from 8.30)

1. Bag Packing
Rota to be sent out for bag packing at Tescos Burnham Sat 5th April. It was agreed that all those who haven’t responded to the emails and Facebook requests will be included in the rota.
Action – Chaz
Sealed Buckets displaying name of Wedmore Cricket Club to be purchased
Action – Chaz
2. Groundwork
Rich Hale has agreed to work on the cricket square on a Saturday throughout the season
Rota for a working party to be sent out during the week as Rich cannot come down to the rec in the week
Action – Bob B rota to be sent out
3. Equipment
Pip Patch to contact Meare ref the roller to see if still available and chase down repair of mowers
Action – Pip P
Rich Hale will get sit down Mower repaired and will get hold of a scarifier this week
Action – Rich H
4. Working Party Sat 29th
Plan is to get the square cut and rolled and then spot weeded. Sight screens to be repaired
5. Club Funding
Chaz to chase down Nat West Cricket Force Application
Action - Chaz
Vice President request for contribution letter to be sent out by club secretary (urgent)
Action – James McQuarrrie
Club to hold back on Sedgemoor funding for artificial strip until the result of Lords Taverners application is known. Additional funding applied for with SDC was rejected for 2014.
Pete Brown – continues to make applications on the Clubs request as part of the playing fields development (Wedmore CC plan for 2 bay training net) . Wedmore CC to support his requests.
To source additional funding the club requires some funds in its bank account – therefore unless an absolute necessity – Wedmore CC to not to make a big expenditure at this stage on equipment for the ground for example.
Loan from ECB to be applied for – Action Chaz
Pip Patch has sourced 3 quotes for the 2 bay net - complete
6. Sponsorship
Local businesses to be approached for £20 (min of 30 required). Money to go towards club shirts and caps.
Overall winning sponsor to be pulled from a hat to sponsor the season 2014 and name to be put on shirts. Remaining names will be used to sponsor matches throughout the season and board to be produced in clubhouse listing all of the sponsors.
Action – Lloyd Patch
Jon Gamlin to confirm pricing on shirts and any queries on wording/embroidery
Action – Jon G
7. Youth Teams
U11’s and U13’s entered 8 a sides and U15’s 11 a side.
Pip Patch to lead coaching sessions with support of Marcus Lee, Ian Harris, Lloyd Patch, Liam Young
Still require additional help for Pip – parents of youth sides to be approached.
8. Nets
Nets will continue at Mark College until the end of April on a Sunday eve.
Note to be sent out re summer nets. The plan is to have the temporary net out this year on the ground.

9. Club Mark
Chaz has been in contact with Andy Fairbairn and Brian Hoyle through 2014 and has a meeting at Somerset County Ground in Taunton at the end of April to present our Club Mark Folder.
Action – Chaz
10. Senior Sides
Lloyd Patch – Club Captain
Jon G – Second Team Captain – appointed Rob G as VC
Jon F – 3rd team captain with Peter C as VC
11. Social Events
Curry at New In on Friday 28th March – very successful evening. Frank (landlord)provided a full spread for £9. Other such events to be run throughout the season. Should be lead from the younger members of the club.
12. Advertising etc
Chaz has put adverts out in 3 local papers throughout 2014 and in Wedmore News (May edition)
The club will continue to utilise its website and Facebook to contact members as well as email.
This to be reviewed as response to requests etc has been poor.

No AOB as this meeting was held prior to the social event on Fri 28th and we ran out of time.
Finance and Fixtures were not discussed.
The minutes will be sent out by Chaz – requests to Rich Roper and Peter C to come back on anything they want to raise with the committee and likewise to James McQ who were not in attendance at the meeting.