Wedmore Raises £248.20 on NatWest Cricket Force Day


Please see attached the pics taken inside and outside Tescos at Burnham from Saturday's Bag Packing Fundraiser in conjunction with NatWest Cricket Force Initiative.

On behalf of Wedmore Cricket Club I'd like to thank....

Lloyd Patch, Tim Ingle, Pip Patch, Finn Cavanagh, Harry Banwell, Rich Banwell, Keith Lawrence, Jon Peters, Austin Peters, Harris Peters, Zak Wilkinson, Oscar Orme, Miles Orme for their part in raising £248.20

Hopefully I have included everyone please let me know if I missed anyone out.

I have submitted the photos to the Wells and Cheddar newspapers, they have also gone to Tescos who are going to display the photos at the store and will pass on to Burnham newspapers as well.

Money raised will go towards the 2 bay net as part of the playing fields development.

Thanks again to all of those who did their bit at the weekend. I urge everyone going forward to support future fundraisers in order to meet our objective of getting the project completed for 2015 season.

Best regards